Top Psychological Thriller Movies

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Hello Everyone, Here in this article I’m going to write about Best Brain Twisting Psychological Thriller Movies Ever Made…

1). Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter island is one of the most intense and well crafted psychological thriller you will ever see. This movie is filled with twists and turns keeping you in the movie all the time. This is a film you must watch carefully. That is another thing that sets this apart, that makes you actually think it is a horror movie. It is a film that will surely question your own sanity.

2). Se7en (1995)

What will you expect from a movie when the director is David Fincher and the actors are Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman? Yes, nothing less than sheer brilliance. This movie is a dark and a disturbing masterpiece. Story of two detectives in hunt for a seriel killer who uses the se7en deadly sins as his motives. Be ready for the goosebumps.

3). The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

As i have mentioned in one my previous answer. You cannot get a better thriller than this movie. Winner of 5 Oscar, including best picture and direction, this movie will give you everything you want from a psychological thriller movie. One of the most famous character The Great ‘Hannibal Lector’ played by none other than Sir ‘Anthony Hopkins’ is just so terrifying and at the same time just mind blowing.

4). Identity (2003)

Before watching this movie i didn’t expect anything rather than just a usual thriller movie. After completing the movie I was in complete awe and shock state of mind. It is an absolute mind bending movie. Story of ten starangers who become acquainted with each other at a desolated motel when they realise they are being killed off one by one. The climax of this movie is what you cannot expect at all.

5). Memento (2000)

if you really want a brain twisting mind fuck psychological thriller movie than this is the right movie for you. It is one of the most complex movie ever made and one of the best screenplay and storytelling you will ever see in cinema. A film that challenges the standard of film making. Gripping at each and every moment. This movie runs on several timeline which will keep you hook till the end.

6). Gone Girl (2014)

Film making at its best. Another masterclass from David Fincher. Brilliantly made, amazing screenplay. This movie is depressing but at the same time amazingly good and worthy of becoming great. Talk about better ending in a psychological thriller movie. This movie stands out at the very top. Extraordinary performance by Rosamund Pike.

7). Psycho (1960)

Talking about psychological thriller and this movie not in the list is not possible. Alfred Hitchcock ‘s Psycho is an all time classic. If you think how a movie in the 60’s without any technology of modern days of cinema can scare you to death without any special effects. Than this is the movie for you. A masterpiece in every sense from the King of thriller films.

8). Nightcrawler (2014)

Jake gyllenhaal gave the performance of his career in this movie. He is one of my favorite actor and his acting as a psychopath in this movie really defined him as a versatile actor and one of the best in Hollywood right now. This movie is fun and terrifying. The storyline,script, direction and acting combine into the perfect storm of a brilliant movie. This movie does a hell of a job at sucking you into the dark gloomy world where you don’t want to get out.

9). Orphan (2009)

This movie is a cinematic brilliance. It will scare you, scare you really bad. Orphan is as dark and disturbing as any other psychological thriller. It is about a couple who adopted a seemingly polite child after recently losing their baby. After watching this movie I don’t think anyone will get the idea of adopting a child.

10). Oldboy (2003)

If you want to punish someone or make them feel hopeless than show them this movie. This movie is a very disturbing journey of revenge. It is one of the most unique thriller film i have seen. Outstanding plot, acting and direction. Oldboy is a perfect depiction of rage and revenge and the criminality of the human soul. After watching this movie, it will make you think and question your morals.