Telugu Best COP & INVESTIGATION Thrillers

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When a murder happens, the police work hard to find out who did it. Most recent murders in real life have more twists than movies. Based on some of these events, the directors make films as per their imagination and impress the audience with their suspensions and thrills. Let’s find out about the best cop thriller movies & as well as what digital platform these movies are available on. A small note here is that it also includes remake & dubbed movies.

  1. Kurukshetram

It is a Telugu Dubbed psychological thriller released in 2017. The movie story runs by investigating the murders committed by a psychotic serial killer. Arjun played the lead role as a police officer. The movie received 4.6 million views on YouTube. Available on YouTube if you miss watching this movie.

  1. Kalki

The first talk about director of this movie is Prashant Verma. Kalki is the next film to hit a decent hit with a movie like AWE. Then about Rajasekhar. After the super hit like PSV Garuda Vega, he acted in the thriller film Kalki. As for the story, Rajasekhar is a police officer. The story is about investigating a murder and how to solve it. The twists in the movie are good. Those who want to watch this movie can watch it on Amazon Prime.

  1. Killer

This is a Telugu Dubbed action thriller film released in 2019. The acting performance of Arjun & Vijay Antony is super. There is a story in the movie about a murder investigation. The movie is based on the 2008 South Korean thriller Perfect Number, released in the 2012 Japanese movie Suspect X. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you want watch this movie you can watch it on Zee5.

  1. Crime 23

Telugu Dubbed Medical Thriller released in 2017. This movie is about the scams that take place in the Medical Society. Arun Vijay & Mahima Nambiar star in the lead roles. Arun Vijay’s approach as a police officer is very good. The screenplay & twists in the movie are also good. The movie received 3.2 million views on YouTube & Available on YouTube.

  1. HIT – The First Case

If they saw the movie for the first time in the theater, they would watch the movie without even going to the toilet to see what would happen as long as they were watching the movie. Because every scene in the movie is important. In this movie, Vishwak Sen acted as a crime investigation officer. As an aggressive officer working on the Homicide Investigation Team in the movie, the way he investigates has made the movie a great success. It is the best mystery thriller of recent thrillers. This Movie is Available on Amazon Prime Video.

  1. 16

This movie is a Telugu Dubbed Crime Thriller released in 2016. The tag line in this movie is every detail counts which means every scene we see in the movie is important. Because the audience who watches the movie has to watch every scene to know the suspense in the story. The movie received 4.6 million views on YouTube. and available in telugu on YouTube.

  1. Rakshasudu

First of all, this is a remake movie to talk about. Storyline & Screenplay The movie was a huge success due to being strong. It’s a seat edge psychological thriller. The movie goes on to investigate how a psycho commits murders and then kills that psycho. Screenplay is the strongest point for such psycho thrillers. The chances of the movie flop are high even if you miss a small clue anywhere. Not to mention the screenplay of this movie. Bellamkonda Srinivas, who is being investigated as a policeman in every scene, has a very good performance. Those who want to watch this movie can watch it on Sunnxt and jio cinima.

  1. Khakee

Telugu Dubbed action thriller that came out in 2017. You can find out what a dedicated police officer looks like by watching this movie. Some of the real incidents in the film backdrop of the 90’s are very well shown. In the days when there is no technology the effort made by the police to catch criminals is good. Karthi’s performance as a police officer was one of the best in her career. The movie received 29 million views on YouTube. & Available on YouTube.

Comment on your favorite movie on below comment section. Let’s find out more about the Best Investigation Thrillers in the next part. Thank you so much.