Telugu Most Underrated Movies

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Hello Everyone in this article I’m going to write about Telugu Underrated Movies. There are So many good telugu movies which released but they got underrated due to some circumstances. Note : These movies are not in any perticular order

1. Jersey

This movie is all about cricket and the emotional bonding between a father and a son. I think it’s the first preference to watch. Zee 5 took streaming rights of this film. Before karan zohar gonna remake this film the people who are reading this must watch this movie.

2. Khaleja

This movie got totally underrated. The story was really good, which is about humanity, and the performances by the main artists were amazing especially Mahesh’s performance was really good and his comic timing was amazing. Even though this movie had so many good points it didn’t become a commercial success which makes this movie underrated.

3. U – Turn

This movie had really good story and some decent suspense factor. The performance by Samantha was really good and the promotions were really good especially the song that got released. However, this movie didn’t get good collections in India and it became flop even though the content in this movie was good. The fact that it didn’t get good collections makes me feel that this movie is underrated.

4. PSV Garuda Vega

This movie had really good graphics and the story was good but somehow it struggled to breakeven which makes this movie underrated.

5. Andala Rakshasi

This movie has amazing songs and good performances but became underrated due to narration in second half.

6. Oye

This Movie had really good emotional love story and songs also amazing. but due to some reasons and circumstances this movie got underrated.

7. Awe

This movie had a different but good story and the performances by all the artists were good but this movie didn’t become that big of a success in the commercial front which makes this movie underrated.

8. Nagaram

This movie had good content and story but due to poor promotions it went unnoticed and underrated.

9. Appatlo Okadundevadu

This movie had an amazing story backed up by really good performances by Sree Vishnu and Nara Rohith but it didn’t gain that much recognition which made this movie underrated.

10. Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo

This movie had good music and good story with good performances but due to wrong release time it became underrated.

so many telugu underrated movies will be there. Read in other articles like list #2, etc…