Nipa Virus Movie Review

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Movie : Nipa Virus

Cast : Kunchako Boban, Tovino Thomas, Parvati Thiruvathu, Asif Ali, Rehman, Saubin Shahir, Indrajith Sukumaran, Revathi etc.

Music : Sushin Shyam

Cinematography : Rajiv Ravi, Khalid

Editing : Size Sreedharan

Producer : Aashiq Abu, Rima Kalingal

Directed by : Aashiq Abu

Release : 04-12-2020 (Aha Video)

At some point, a variety of viruses continue to attack humanity. SARS‌, anthrax‌, nipa now corona. Although limited to certain regions and countries, the corona virus has spread to all countries around the world. The NIPA virus, which has plagued India as well as the rest of the world in the past, falls into this category. It has had a major impact on Kerala in particular. However, the government was able to curb it with tough measures. The Malayalam movie ‘Virus’ which took the horror situation in a vicious circle. Released in Malayalam last year, the film was a box office success. Recently, Aaha OTT came forward to the Telugu audience as a platform. And how did Kerala deal with the virus back then? What steps were taken for that?

Movie Story : Zakria Mohammed (Zakriya) comes to the Government Medical College in Kozhikode for treatment of severe cough and vomiting. Zacharias dies before he knows what happened to him. A few days later, the nurse Akhil (Raima) who treated him came to the hospital with other symptoms. So what exactly is this disease? Health officials are wondering why everyone is so sick. After various tests, they are all diagnosed with the Nipah virus. With this, the government will take special measures for the construction of NIPA. What are those actions? Whose lives were affected by NIPA? How did people get in trouble at that time? If you want to know what kind of conditions the families of those affected by NIPA faced in the society, you have to watch the movie!

How the Movie is : Nipah is also one of the diseases that has plagued the nations of the world. However, the disease, which was confined to other countries until a few years ago, caused a stir in Kerala in 2018. Its impact was felt especially in Malappuram and Kozhikode districts. Aashiq Abu made the film ‘Virus’ based on this epidemic. What kind of treatment do doctors and nurses provide to patients who come to the hospital with various health problems? How do you talk to them? Began the story with scenes like. Attempted to tell what the hospital environment was like. After that a man named Zachariah tried to bring into the story with scenes of falling ill and taking him to the hospital. Slowly showed how the disease is transmitted from one person to another. It seems to have taken a little longer for this. How can everyone who works in a hospital be scared when they know that all of them are infected NIPA? He showed them how good their ideas are. The government is trying to find out who the NIPA victims are in the field .. What is the procedure followed? Etc. The scenes are interesting.

Burial of the bodies of those who died of infections is the biggest challenge for the government, the hospital community and family members. No one even comes forward to touch the corpse after learning about the disease. The director tried to show Adanta in the film. Looking at the respective scenes, one can understand how hard the hospital staff work to bury the bodies in real life. Many people have experienced similar conditions due to the corona. It all goes down emotionally. At the same time the director tried to show what kind of humiliation their families who work in the hospital face from the outside community at the risk of their lives. To greet such people and their families, to turn them away and see them as untouchables is to say that in today’s modern society people still live with superstitions. The government will then begin efforts to trace the source of the original NIPA virus. The scenes that come in this order are slow. Is it a terrorist act at one stage? Suspicions are also expressed. The index patient (the first person to be infected) has to do a lot of exercise to find out how NIPA got infected. Everything breathes a sigh of relief when it is finally realized that this is not a biological weapon action. The film concludes with the government congratulating those who worked for the NIPA building.

Who did it : All the others except Revathi are unknown to the Telugu audience. However, in whose roles did they perform well? Each character has a priority in it. The performance of the technical team is crucial if a medical thriller like ‘NIPA Virus’ is to impress. Sushin Shyam provided the fine music. All the songs come and go in the storyline. Rajiv Ravi Cinematography is good. He showed the hospital environment, the patients, and the conditions when infectious diseases were rampant. It would have been nice if Size Sreedharan had done a little bit of editing. However, in addition to the Nativity there, it seems that some scenes were left out to show the viral conditions. It doesn’t matter if the length is up to the theater, but when it comes to OTT, it would be nice to cut some scenes.

The point chosen by director Aashiq Abu is different. Nipa tries to capture the situation of the virus through each scene. All the work he did for the film appears on screen. Construction values ​​are good. However, the film, which was released in Malayalam in June last year, came to the forefront of the Telugu audience almost a year and a half later. Even more impressive if the lockdown came on time.

Strengths :

  • Director selected point
  • Emotions
  • Technical team performance

Weaknesses :

  • Slow Narration
  • Movie Length

Finally : ‘Nipa Virus’ .. If you watch with a little patience, this thriller will surely be entertaining.

Note : This review is related to the reviewer’s perspective. This is the personal opinion of the reviewer only!