Miss India Movie Review

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Company : East Coast Productions

Cast : Keerthi Suresh, Jagapathibabu, Sumant Shailendra, Naveen Chandra, Nadia, Naresh, Kamal Kamaraju, Rajendra Prasad, Poojitha Ponnada, Divya Sripada etc.

Art : Sahi Suresh‌

Songs : Kalyan Chakraborty, Neeraja Kona

Written by : Narendranath, Tarun Kumar

Composition : Tammiraju

Cinematography : Sujith Vasudev

Music : Taman

Producer : Mahesh Koneru

Director : Narendra Nath

Released : 04 November 2020 (on Netflix)

In the Telugu film industry, heroine-oriented movies are .. but police stories or life stories. But the stories of a girl who was born and raised in a simple family … showing how she became a famous businessman did not come big. Director Narendra Nath made a similar attempt with ‘Miss India’. Do not think that this is a movie made in the context of beauty pageants. It is a story that proves that ‘you have to have a goal in life … you have to fight hard to achieve it’. Read for yourself how this movie was released on the Netflix platform!

Story : In this Story, Manasa Samyukta (Kirti Suresh) wants to be a big businessman from an early age. Her dream is to complete her MBA and start a business and show herself to the world. She becomes a big businessman as she thinks. But not in India … in America. Learning from her grandfather Viswanatha Shastri (Rajendra Prasad) to make herbal tea as a business seems to be the best. How the original US came to be, why he came, how he became a businessman, how he achieved what he set out to do. What are the roles of Vijay (Naveen Chandra), Sumant Shailendra (Vikram), Kailash Siva Kumar (Jagapathibabu) in her journey .. is the same story.

How it is : Firstly, I’m not going to be great … let’s let everyone know how great you are ” The film revolves around this dialogue that Manasa US says with his grandfather at the beginning of the film. The plot that accompanies it is the US mission of ‘doing what you like and achieving what you like’. The film is about how she achieved these. Underlying the theme of women’s empowerment, the film manages to entertain as well as inform. Growing up as a US businessman, the film seemed to be going cool … but the pace of the film increased after the first blow in the business. Even if it is impressive. Even if the movie is brought tight … it feels good if there are a few more twists in the business.

Strengths :
Movie storyline
Kirti Suresh‌ acting

Weaknesses :
Less Entertainment
Flat Ending procedure

Finally : ‘Miss India’ is not just a movie, it is a brand

Note : This review is related to the reviewer’s perspective. This is the personal opinion of the reviewer only!