Best Mind Blowing Twists in Telugu Movies

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Audiences expect a twist in every scene when they watch a movie, no matter what the genre, because there is no kick in a movie without the original twist. There are some movies which are hit due to certain particular sequences and some movies which flop due to their inability to present properly. So let’s learn about the movies with the best twists in this article.

  1. Nenokadine

The scene where Nazar is known to be the real villain in this movie is a movie mind blowing twist. Sukumar’s writing is credited with making the audience, who had been confused until then, realize that the main villain was the man they had imagined to be a taxi driver.

  1. Shamanthakamani

Audience will be surprised at once as it is revealed that Suman had stolen the car in the movie.

  1. Kumari 21F

The torture scene in the climax of the hero villains without anyone knowing is a very good workout.

  1. Darling

In the interval scene, the scene where Prabhas tells the story that he went to Switzerland instead of the original Switzerland is also good.

  1. Arjun Reddy

In the movie Climax, Preethi 9th Month Pregnant That to Baby’s Father is Arjun & This is the scene was surprised by Audience.

  1. Kshanam

In the story revolving around the baby, the twist of Anasuya keeping the baby with her is a good workout in this movie.

  1. Drushyam

In the movie, the scene where Venkatesh hides the boy’s dead body under the police station is a super twist.

  1. Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada

The best twist in this movie is knowing that the ghost in the movie is not someone but Ayesha who fell in love in Hero First

  1. Gentleman

The scene where the heroine knows that she is acting like Jai in the pre-climax of the movie is good in this movie.

  1. Temper

I also raped that in the climax scene in the courtroom that the villains in the movie should not escape. The audience liked the scene where NTR admits.

  1. Pokiri

Knowing that our Mahesh Babu who looked like a rowdy from the first in the movie is a police officer at the end of the episode is a mind blowing twist throughout the movie.

  1. Baahubali

When Kattappa is asked who killed Bahubali, the scene where Kattappa says that he is himself is not an ordinary twist. This is because Audience has waited 2 years for this twist.