Bellbottom Telugu Movie Review

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Movie : Bellbottom

Cast : Rishabh Shetty, Haripriya, Achyut Kumar, Yogaraj Bhatt etc.

Music : Ajanish Loknath

Cinematography : Arvind Kashyap

Editing : keemprakas

Story : Dayanand TK

Producer : Santosh Kumar KC

Directed by : Jayatirtha

Release : Aha OTT

Review : So far, there have been many films in all languages ​​with detective and James Bond stories. Almost all the films entertained the audience. The reason is the story, the articles. One problem, the protagonist enters the field to solve it, unraveling each knot. All that is needed for such stories is a story that keeps the audience sitting on their toes, going on in suspense. If it is enough.

There is plenty of it in ‘Bellbottom’. Moreover, another advantage of this story is that the story and articles do not go anywhere seriously. The director took a retro theme for the film. The whole story shows what happened in the 80s. The director tells the original Kathento in the first scene. Robbery without the knowledge of the police while they are at the police station. All the audience has to do is figure out how the protagonist will handle it.

The director tried to say something about the strength of the protagonist by cracking a murder case. The story picks up speed after the theft case comes to him from there. The story goes on to cast doubt on every character that appears on the screen. The scenes between the hero, his father, and friends share laughter.

The love story of the hero-heroines in this sequence seems a bit stretched. The director swears at Divakar through the role of an inspector at a time when the audience thinks the real story is going awry and turns to solve the case again. From there to the climax‌ the movie goes on interestingly. In the second half the protagonist takes further steps towards resolving the case. All those scenes go on with interest while sharing laughs. The climax‌ twist‌ is nice. If you miss the logic in telling how the robbery took place at the police station while the police were still there, You have to believe that logic in detective stories. The story behind the theft is emotional.

Strengths :

  • Story, articles
  • Cast
  • Technical team performance

Weaknesses :

  • Lovetrack of hero-heroines

Finally : Detective Divakaram wearing ‘Bell Bottom’ will entertain you to the fullest!