Akasham Nee Haddura Movie Review

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Movie : Akasham Nee Haddura

Cast : Surya, Aparna Balamurali, Mohanbabu, Paresh Rawal, Urvashi etc.

Music : Jeevi Prakash Kumar

Photography : Niket doll

Editor : Satish Surya

Screenplay : Shalini Ushadevi, Sudha Kongara

Words : Rakendu Mouli

Story, Direction : Sudha Kongara

Producer : Surya (2D Entertainments)

Released : 12/11/20 (Amazon Prime)

Life stories are not new on the Telugu screen. But the life of a businessman who is admired by the people is interesting when it comes to movies. Such an attempt is ‘the sky is yours’. The film is based on the life of Captain Gopinath, who founded Air Deccan and provided affordable air travel to all. Based on the book ‘Simply Fly’. As interesting as Gopinath’s life is, it is even more interesting to see Surya appear in that role. Appearing in the sun for the movie has doubled the makeover‌ interest. One such movie was released today (12/11/20) on Amazon Prime.

Story : The film begins with a pilot attempting to land a plane in 2003, with the disapproval of aviation officials. Why the original aviation officials did not agree … why Chandramahesh alias Maha (Surya) clashed with the authorities and landed. What is that plane? Why? Why not agree to the original landing. The story of Maha’s relationship with the plane and the role of his wife Sundari (Aparna Balamurali), Paresh Goswami (Paresh Rawal) and Bhaktavatsalam Naidu (Mohan Babu) in the ‘flight’ journey.

How is the movie : It takes a lot of courage to make biopics. The life stories of film actors are … commercials have all the elements that a film should have. But the life stories of others, especially businessmen, are at stake. It’s boring to tell a good story, it’s very cinematic to say that the subject has taken a detour. Very few have come and achieved so much success. Sudha Kongara made a similar attempt with ‘Akasham Nee Haddura’.

It must be said that she was successful in this regard. Captain Gopinath’s life as a head of an airline from the countryside to the way he grew up is a good one. He showed up without leaving any single stage in his life journey. He added entertainment and commercials to the film. However the length of this sequence has increased.

Instead of telling the story in a straightforward flow, the director made sure to move back and forth … without getting bored. The songs and entertainment in the first half drove the story forward. Coming into the second half will be the hero’s hardships for setting up the airline, the process of overcoming it. These impress the audience. The scenes between the heroines do not appear in ordinary movies. From the close of the bridal gaze, to the companion in the business, the scenes that come between the two of them when the business is in trouble after that are impressive. The scenes where the poor people land the plane at the end of the movie are also good. But it was embarrassing that only Surya, Mohanbabu and Paresh Rawal were familiar faces. The dubbing movie has to be adjusted.

Who did it : Surya can be called a ‘one man show’. Surya’s acting as a young man trying to get an airline is like being bitten. There is little applause for Surya’s performance when he has no money to go home or … can’t buy a ticket. If you look at Surya’s performance in the climactic scenes … you will know why he is called a star hero. Aparna acted nicely as a wife who understood her husband’s mind and longed for his superiority.

While showing toughness, she appeared to be a woman who achieved what she set out to do. Mohan Babu played the role of Bhaktavatsalam Naidu in his own style. Although he looked serious at first, Shade March entertained in his role when needed. Paresh Rawal has done well as a villain who thwarts great ambition at every step. Urvashi and other actors played the role of Surya’s mother to the extent of the character.

As for the technicians : Jeevi Prakash Kumar’s music is good. Both songs are catchy. The background music is nice. Cameraman Niket captured the scenes nicely on camera. Sudha Kongara and Shalini Ushadevi can be said to have succeeded in bringing the life story to film. The film crew says that cinematic fiction has been added to the real life story.

The director made sure that the fictional attachment was in balance. She was also successful in handling a big star like Surya. Rakendu Mouli’s words are also impressive. It seems that Satyadeva dubbing is not so good for Surya. Editor Satish Surya has to work for scissors in terms of the length of the film. Construction values ​​are good.

Strengths : Surya acting, story ..

Weaknesses : Length, lack of fluency

Finally : The sky is your limit … the journey to victory

Note : This review is related to the reviewer’s perspective. This is the personal opinion of the reviewer only!